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Primal Fit Ski Conditioning at Tahoe XC

WHERE: Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area
WHEN: Tuesdays 5:30pm & Thursdays 6:30am
COST: $100 – punch card of 10 or $12 drop-in fee
REGISTER: Tahoe Peak Endurance
Colleen Conners-Pace MA Exercise Physiologist

Come join Tahoe Peak Endurance who has partnered with Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area for an ongoing outdoor exercise class designed to make you fit and ready for the trails or the slopes.

Primal Fit takes some of the essential movements that were required for our ancestors to survive such as hunting and sprinting and adapts these actions into a fitness class that consists of body weight exercises and diverse fun, using mostly natural accessories. Classes will be done as a circuit and stations. We include dynamic stretching, movement prep, plyometrics and add some play.

Contact Info:
Colleen Conners-Pace