NNF $50,000 Matching Challenge Grant

nnf-logo2Every skier loves a challenge. It isn’t long in this sport before someone learns that you can’t sit back and hope something happens, you have to work hard, you have to make. it. happen. 
This year is no exception. There’s no free pass to pushing skiing forward. That’s why a group of anonymous donors, a collection of people who love skiing, who are compelled to see our scene improve have come together to challenge the junior nordic community with a large matching grant. That’s why it’s time for junior skiers to step it up big time.
From NOW until the END of the drive, the challenge is out to the junior skiing community. It’s called a matching challenge, but it is a lopsided match in favor of skiing.
If the junior ski community can raise $15,000, challenge match grant donors will kick down $50,000. (Seems like a good deal, no?)
Visit the Far West Nordic Team page and donate.