Ultra-Endurance Running May Not Be Good for the Heart, Study Suggests
ScienceDaily 8/31/10

Strength and Power Training for Nordic Athletes Adapted from the USSA by Joe Dengler PT, OCS

XC Training presentation by Jeff Schloss 10/23/2009

Coach Nancy Goes to School: (Part II) What Far West can Learn from the Nation’s Top Programs

A Report from the 2009 USSA Coaches Conference by Nancy Fiddler

Building and Maintaining Fitness by Marc Peruzzi

Four Steps to Maximum Speed by Marc Peruzzi

Focused Training: Train Smart, Ski Faster, Simple. by Marcus Nash

Threshold Training. Maximizing your Ski Workouts by Jeff Schloss

The Lactate Threshold

Science of Training: Conversations With a Master Physiologist by Jeff Schloss

Speed Is Your Friend: Speed Training for Better Race Results by Jeff Schloss

When You Only Have The Weekend by Jeff Schloss

Ultra Marathoning for XC Ski Training by Molly Zurn

Soccer and Skiing What’s the Connection? by Andy Pasternak M.D.

 Strength and Power for Cross Country Skiing by Zach Weatherford

 Effects of Tapering on Performance: A Meta-Analysis by Laurent Bosquet etal.

 Training Intensities, Definitions and Workout Application by Sue Robson and Pete Vordenberg for USSA

video Australian XC Ski Team-Secret Training Session

video US Ski Team camp in Lake Placid 2009, rollerskiing footage, speeds and crashes



video US Ski Team training in Whistler


video Skate Skiing with the USST Ladies


video Whistler 30km Time Trial Cross Country Ski




Coach Nancy Goes to School A Report from the 2009 USSA Coaches Conference (Part I) by Nancy Fiddler

Ski Progressions

The Teaching Stick Double Pole: Your Nordic DNA by Ben Grasseschi

video Swedish National Team Skier Maria Rydquist Double Pole Demo

video Interactive Video Illustrations by Lee Borowski

Classic Skiing Made Simple: Addressing the Difficulties of Classic Skiing in the Sierra (and the Universe)

by Gary Schmitt

The Teaching Stick “Hand it Over” by Ben Grasseschi

Ice Cream, Double Poling, & Marit. An Interview with Russell Kennedy by Ben Grasseschi

Balance: The Key to Happiness on Skis by Mitch Dion

Biomechanical Analysis of Double Poling in Elite Cross-Country Skiers by Hans-Christer Holmberg etal.


video Nordic Skiing Technique-Traditional Style-Diagonal Stride

videoKarlsson och Södergren på rullbandet



Equipment & Preparation

Getting Fast Skis! Wax and Grind Tips from one of Far West Nordic’s Top Master Racers by Rick Reynolds

Bristling Over Brushes: De-Mystifying One Of Cross Country Ski Racer’s Most Important Tools by Nat Brown

Its Not About Fun (Well, Maybe Just A Little) “Tales from the Klister Box” by Andrew Gardner

Toko Basic Manual: Waxing Cross Country Skis for Beginners

Toko Tech Manual Nordic 2009/2010

Swix Nordic Ski Preparation: Sport for Skating and Classic Skiing

Swix Nordic Ski Preparation: Racing 2010


video BNS Ski Service School: Basic Ski Waxing-Paraffins

video BNS Ski Service School: Scraping and Brushing


Far West Wax Clinic by Ralph Johnson and Glenn Jobe


video Gunnar Caldwell demonstrates the joys of klister 



Wave Starts! Far West Nordic’s Recommendations for Saner Racing by the Far West Nordic Competition Committee

Planning Your Excuse by Nat Brown

video Calgary 1988 50 km Gunde Svan

video Tour de Ski 2010 Stage 8 – Men’s Final Climb

video Women of XC Skiing (Lahti WC ’08 and more)

video Tour de Ski- Race in Prague (sprint)

video Petter Northug Wins 50km World Championship in Liberec

video Lahti WC ’08 Men’s Sprint Final

video Home town win for Kalla

video Charlotte Kalla Tour de Ski

video Charlotte Kalla, Tour de Ski 2008 (The Final Race)


video Biathlon Summer Tour


video Blink 2010 Øystein Pettersen slår Petter Northug 15km fristil rulleski – NRK1




Health and Nutrition

Your “Fat Burning” Zones Fine Tuning a “Weighty” Strategy by Andy Pasternak

The Role of Adequate Nutrition for Performance and Health for Female Cross-Country Skiers an FIS publication by Nanna L. Meyer, Susie Parker-Simmons, and Julia M. Erbacher

Exercise and the Immune System by Dr. Chris Spooner

Iron Supplementation: What is it and how to use it to overcome iron deficiency A review by U.S. Ski Team physiologist Randy Hill, Ph.D.

Air Travel, Jetlag, and Altitude Adjustment three presentations by Troy Flanagan, USSA Sport Science





Regional Interest

Time For A Road Trip: Check out a Few Secret Gems of the Sierra Nevada by Tim Hauserman

Save Our Snow, Save Your Money! A Nordic Skier’s Guide to Climate Change by Nick Sterling

My Favorite Trails by Jeff Schloss


video  “Your POLES are longer than your skis?!” | Benny Ryerson Gets Into Biathlon, Out of His Element




Cross Country Ski Trails of the 1960 Winter Olympics by David C. Antonucci

California’s Nordic Olympians: Far West Nordic has Its Share of World-Class Athletes story and photos by Mark Nadell

2008 Masters World Cup by John Downing







Far West Junior Racing A Parents Guide 101

How to Find a College Ski Team by Tony Bozzio

Bjorn Borg’s Advice to Parents: “Stop Bothering the Kids” Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen

One Week in March: A Manual For Prospective Collegiate Nordic Skiers by Corey Lyn Coogan

video 2009 Central REG Camp





Just For Fun

video Biathlon

video Rollerskiing Wipeout

video The Best Ski Jump

video The Ultimate Skiing Showdown


video Skate i livigno


video Oslookter okt09






A Ski Community Triad by Ben Grasseschi

Sage Advice for Master Skiers: Surefire Methods of Keeping up with “Johnsons” by Russell Reid