Far West Masters programs are open to all individuals over the age of 30 and offer tremendous value as they are led by top-notch  XC coaches and leaders in sports performance. This year we’re expanding our range of on-snow clinics and bringing you a variety of new programs.

Our masters programs and clinics serve as a key source of funding for other segments of the Far West community that really need financial support, particularly juniors, seniors, and our coaches who sacrifice so much to lead a career in coaching. ALL of the proceeds from masters programs (after direct expenses) go to fund Far West causes that need your financial support. We hope you enjoy our clinics and programs this season!

Far West Nordic sponsors two race-series designed for both Senior (20-29) and Masters (30+) skiers.

The Masters Challenge is a race series that tests the speed and consistency of athletes in their 5-year age groups.

  • Skiers must participate in designated minimum of races
  • Skiers must have a Far West Nordic Racing or Supporting Membership
  • Racers receive points for 1st through 5th place in their age group.
  • Cumulative score is the best 5 races for each individual skier
  • The top three scorers in each age group are eligible for prizes.

The Sierra Ski Chase is a unique, low-key, age-handicapped race series that is in its 22nd season. It’s open to cross-country skiers of all ages and abilities. The purpose of the Ski Chase is to promote greater participation in XC ski race events. There are two ways Far West members can participate in the Sierra Ski Chase:

  • PARTICIPATION, which is free and open to ALL Far West Nordic members, and
  • RACING COMPETITION, which is open to Far West Nordic Racing and Supporting members only. You must be a Far West Nordic Racing or Supporting Member to be in the Ski Chase Racing Competition bracket.

Far West Nordic’s On-Snow Clinics cover a wide range of issues of interest to athletes that wish to compete in XC events.  Intermediate and advanced-level recreational skiers can also benefit from Far West clinics. As masters age, “skiing smarter” becomes more important than ever, so our masters clinics place a significant degree of focus on developing skills to ski as efficiently as possible with a minimum level of effort.

  • On-snow clinics will be led by one of Far West’s will feature a lead coach and may use one or more assistant coaches depending on class size. We will limit class size for on-snow clinics so as to ensure a high quality experience for all participants.  It’s best to sign up early as traditionally our clinics sell out.
  • On-snow clinics will be 2 hours in duration. Clinics that include video analysis will be 3 hours in duration: 2 hours on-snow and 1 hour classroom video analysis.
  • Clinics will be open to non-members for a higher fee which reflects a  true market price.

CLICK HERE for our Masters Clinic Page.

All people participating in a Masters Clinic must sign a 2014 Far West Nordic Waiver-masters.