masters jacket

Masters Jackets

masters jacketDear Masters Skiers

Tired of showing up at big races and nobody knows where you are from? OK, so it may not be your biggest problem but Far West Nordic can still help. We’ve designed a new Far West Nordic jacket with the help of the really great people at Mt. Borah designs. According to their website, “the pro xc jacket is designed for serious skiers looking for an extra edge in performance”. I’ll vouch for that but I also think they are also a great looking option for non-serious skiers who are just looking to stay warm on the trails. For detail on the jackets, go to Of note- these jackets are 100% hand crafted in the US of A!!! (which means we’re also one up on our Olympic team).

The only possible change in design may be some sponsorship logos on the sleeves with the proceeds going to Far West Nordic (to be determined and if your company may be interested, e-mail me)

 Like they say on the TV, THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY!!!! I’m going to take orders for the jackets through Sunday Oct 28th. For sizing info, go to

Jackets will cost $125 and will likely be ready by Jan 1, well in time for skiers going to Masters events. We will also have a signup at the Far West Auction but don’t wait until then!

If you have questions or want to order a jacket e-mail Andy Pasternak.



P.S. Many ancient cultures felt that buying Far West Jackets was good luck for ensuring snow. Can’t promise that but it is something to keep in mind.