Lactate Testing with SBA & Silver Sage

Danielle Nivinsky

On Monday, September 10, ten Sugar Bowl Academy and Auburn Ski Club athletes meet at Old Greenwood with skate rollerskis to do some lactate testing with Dr Andy Pasternak and Julie Young of the Silver Sage Sports Performance Center. Julie and Andy had the athletes ski a 1K up hill course 4 times at ever increasing intensities. After each lap they would take a small blood sample to record the amount of lactic acid in the blood. Also each lap the athlete’s heart rate and speed were recorded. By the end of the test, Julie and Andy had enough data to accurately tell each athlete what their optimal training zones were for different types of workouts. This is invaluable data and helps the coaches and athletes to really get the most out of each workout. Thanks Silver Sage for helping our junior Nordic skiers become the best they can be!