Kikkan Randall and Erik Bjornsen Win Prologue


A rain & snow mix made for a wet start to the SuperTour Finals which opened today with the 3.3k freestyle prologue at Auburn Ski Club. Kikkan Randall crushed the competition with a time of 7:57.9. Jessie Diggins was second at 8:05.0 and Sadie Bjorsen was 3rd at 8:13.5. Erik Bjorsen won the men’s race at 7:47.0, Knute Johnsgaard was 2nd at 8:01.5, and Mark Iverson and Michael Sinnott tied for 3rd at 8:02.7.

Far West Farm Team racer Spencer Eusden was 21st (6th MU23) at 8:17.4, Far West Nordic junior Patrick McElravey was 23rd (3rd MOJ) at 8:17.6, and Farm Team alumni Matt Gelso was 26th (15th MSR) at 8:18.4. Farm Team alumni Chelsea Holmes was 7th (4th FSR) at 8:28.5, and Farm Team racer Beth Taylor was 24th (7th FU23) at 8:59.5.

Far West alumni Laurel Fiddler 36th (2nd FJ1), Katrin Larusson 43rd (3rd FJ1), Hannah Halvorsen 46th (1st FJ2), Camille Hartley 53rd (5th FJ1), Danielle Nivinski 54th (6th FJ1), Savannah Blide 56th (2nd FJ2), and Bri Parker 57th (2nd FJ3).
Gus Johnson 44th, Peter Holmes 59th (2nd MJ1), Dylan Syben 73rd (1st MJ2), Sam Zabell 74th (2nd MJ2), Skyler Mullings 84th (3rd MJ2), Peter Carroll 90th (4th MJ2), Brandon Herhusky 92nd (5th MJ2), Peter Mayfield 94th (5th MM5), Ryland Belisle 96th (6th MJ2), and Casey Jobe 99th (8th MJ2) .

Womens Prologue Results

Mens Prologue Results

Photos by MacBeth Graphics.

Video and story by  Martha Bellisle/