Kamp Klamath 2012

Kamp Klamath by Ben Grasseschi

Kamp Klamath by Ben Grasseschi

Kamp Kuotes:
“If I had a man-crush, it would be Pat Maddon.”
~ SuperDingo on PNSA skier Pat Maddon

“I’d tell everyone that I am an Nevada Gurl but that makes me sound like a prostitute.”
~ Melanie Swick when asked why she told everyone she was from Tahoe.

“Look at all that salmon cooking on the grill!”
“Smells like burning plastic.”
“Maybe they left a fishin’ lure in that one!”

~ Spencer Eusden and Ben Grasseschi at the Kamp Klamath Salmon Feed and Muzak in the Park by “Three for the Road”. 

Enuf said.

Oh; and Far West took it hard when PNSA crushed them, 4-0 in the World Cup Soccer match on the beach. All the practicing we did at home, under the sun, on the nice green grass at Meadow Wood Park didn’t help, I guess, when we had to play barefoot in the sand under cool temps and a light mist.

Oh well; we have beat them the last two years in a row…

Thanks! Coach Ben Husaby, Kamp Cook “Fitty”, and all the awesome Bend Endurance Academy kidz- the kamp was a blast!

Enjoy the pics!