Reeling in For Departure

We are now only 3 days out! Friday. Friday will be the day all us athletes and coaches depart for Stowe. Its a day many have been looking forward to since the conclusion of last years JN’s! Last Saturday we had our CNISSF State Championships. Following those races we had our JN team meeting. Being a part of FW, we are all very fortunate to know everyone on our team even outside of skiing. In other divisions, people don’t know everyone. This is definitely one of FW’s strong points. I like to think of FW as the US Ski team. Our team in a way has the same dynamic and in the past both have not performed as well. I do feel that this year we are at a strong point in the history of FW. This week, everyone is focusing their training to peak in Stowe next week! Today we did some classic rollerskiing intervals down in Colfax for some Low elevation training! We will also do one more set tomorrow and then lay low before our races!

Sam and AmbrosePre Intervals

Recently I made a video recapping last weekends races, and some past training! Check that out here!

Far West Far Best!


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