Junior Nationals 2014: Day 1-5 Traveling, Skiing, and Racing

On Friday the 28th we flew from Reno to Vegas to Albany with various delays and ended up spending the night in NY and driving to Stowe. Later that day we went on a short skate ski to preview all of the courses for the week and the snow was super fast and perfect. The next day we went on a classic ski on the course for the next day’s race.

Monday, the day of the first race, I was able to sleep in a bit since my race didn’t start until 1:40 which was pretty nice. We arrived at the venue shortly after 12 to music playing and lots of people running around. The race was cold and hard, but still fun. I ended up in 44th which, for my first ever JNs race, I’d say is pretty solid. After the race we went back to our houses and rested up. Today we got up and went for a classic ski around tomorrow’s sprint course. Tomorrow we have the 1.3 kilometer classic sprint which should be a very exciting day for all of us!

Bri Parker

Bri ParkerAge: 14
Hometown Seattle, WA
School: Truckee High School
Team: ASC Comp.
Age first skied: 2
Favorite Book: Inkspell
Favorite Nordic Athlete: Jessie Diggins
Favorite Off Snow Sport: Gymnastics
Favorite Athlete in that sport: Shawn Johnson
Most Memorable Far West Experience:
Curious George climbing to the top of North Peak this summer.
Best Racing Experience:
Last year’s Skogsloppet
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
What is something most people can do that you cannot?
I can’t spread my toes!