2 Down, 2 To Go!

Well, our first two races are over, and some of us are really liking this year’s format, which has the two classic races being first, and then we coaches can put away the kick wax box and just concentrate on glide. Not having the Sprints the first race is also a plus, I think, because we had a chance to ease into the race scene before the utter craziness of a race day that lasts from 9 until almost 5 pm. Luckily, our wax team was on it all day, and there wasn’t a lot of waxing for me to do during the races, so my task was shuttle-guy (kids get bored and tired hanging out all day, and less than half of them had the opportunity to move on to the heats), pole-duty on the course in case of breakage, yelling my head off in encouragement when they needed it (or even when they didn’t), and taking some photos, a few of which I put on the Far West Facebook page.

We had some excellent results yesterday, including another win from Mr. Peter T. Holmes, making it a 2 for 2. We had 12 athletes move onto the quarterfinals, which is an excellent day for Far West. It was cold out there, but was tolerable for racing, and even standing around all day. I think my favorite photo of the day is this one of Peter and (I think) his grandmother. She was crying, it was the sweetest thing to watch.



As is usual, there was some successes, not-so great races, and average performances, but as coaches, it’s important to just encourage every single athlete out there, whether they skied to their own expectations or not. For some, not getting into the top ten is a disappointment, and they have to realize that these are the BEST athletes in the country out here. Not being “on” for one or two races isn’t a sign of  failure. For others, beating a few other skiers and coming across the finish line is what’s it’s all about, as evidenced by this awesome photo of my boy Connor, from Mammoth:


That’s what it’s all about.

Today is a training/relaxation day. Looking forward to a little break before the back-to-back race days at the end of the week.


Captain Nordic



  1. Karen says

    The photo with Peter and his grandmother was simply the most touching moment I have seen captured at a Nordic event. Thank you Mark. It made me cry (in a good way). The support these athletes have from their families is so wonderful to see!

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