Rad Racing Relays

First race check. Far West was turning heads as we blew through the course yesterday. But moving forward we have the relays today. The course is fast and short. We have several strong teams in each division. Some Nordic lingo for you, the person who starts is called the scrabler, and the person who finishes is called the anchor. I will try and tell you the teams but I don’t remember the exact order of them, sorry.
J1/0J boys: Peter, Shane, Patrick… Evan, Aaron, Peter…Alex, Brandon D., and a guest appearance from Alec.
J2 Boys: Dylan, Julian, Sam… Casey, Skyler, Brandon.
J2 Girls: Hannah, Amanda, Lizzie…. Savanah and two fast New Englang girls
J1/0J Girls: Joelle, Camille, Skyler… Katrin, Bria, Danielle… Raylene, Elise, Kyla

The races don’t start till 11. For us the girls don’t go till after 1:30 so Ray and I are enjoying our morning with some hot mint tea and entertaining our selves with bracelet making and a bit of homework. The temperatures have dropped significantly and us Cali girls are missing the sunshine.

Look for pictures later of some smiling, glittery faces. :)