KGKJSDADKJFBKJRKQEGB (Titles always confuse me)

Well its about -9 degrees Fahrenheit right now at 08:36 on Thursday morning. This should be an interesting day. This is going to be an interesting day.
Our sprint course is going to be really fun yet challenging. Making the heats this year will be hard and placing high will be even harder. The snow yesterday had very little glide and today I expect it will have even less. This is when tempo and speed over rule power and glide. But all this doesn’t mean we can’t go fast! That would defeat the purpose of racing!

Along with this I would like to thank my parents, my friends, my family, and everyone else that made this incredible journey available to me! It has been amazing and I hope that in two years you’ll all be able to see Far West race on their home turf!