From Fairbanks With Love

All 27 athletes and 7 of our 8 wonderful coaches have made it to Fairbanks, Alaska. Despite of the early arrival at 1 am, everyone was excited and enthusiastic to start our week of racing and fun.
Today the team started with breakfast and a classic ski at Birch Hill Resort. Luckily, Fairbanks is going through, as Mark Nadell might put it, a “heat wave” so the temperatures were more than bearable. With warm weather and great hardwax skiing, the whole team was in good spirits. Plus, we all learned that our very own Far West native, Joanne Reid, skied her way to the top of the podium at the NCAA Championships. WAY TO GO JOANNE! Hopefully we all use Joanne’s victory as a way to motivate ourselves this week and throughout or skiing careers. Far West may be a small region but we can still kick butt!
In the coming week we all have our biggest races of the season. I say lets get pumped, race our hearts out, and show the rest of the country what the west coast is made of!

A special thank you to Katrin and Raylene, our lovely senior girls, for the gifts for the girls team! A picture is posted below.