Fairbanks Before the Swarm

I flew up a few days before the team to scout out Fairbanks, preview the courses and get used to the cold. We had gotten in around ten and did not get to see much of the town or the Wedgewood Resort. When we woke up the temperature was a nice -2 degrees thankfully we did not start skiing until 11 and the temperature had warmed up to about 15 degrees. This temperature was ideal for skiing as the snow was fast but it was still pleasant to ski. All of the courses had been marked and after a few wrong turns I had gotten used to how they had marked the courses and managed to ski the rest of the courses without error. My first impression of the courses is that they are very difficult and out of all of the places that I have skied and competed, this is by far the most technically challenging both up and down. While I was skiing all of these courses it was very hard to be going slow, (everyone will be stoked) it is very easy to recover as well as breath but this in turn means that it will be very easy to be going to hard even if your heart rate is low! So no matter who is in front of you, behind in another group or that good looking guy or girl take it slow and take it your pace because your muscles will feel it! Back to the courses the five kilometer interval start which will kick off our Junior National Championships is a great course, after watching Logan Hanneman’s video of the course ( which is 95% correct) I did not truly give credit to how he skied the course, it is a lot steeper both up and down then it appears in the videos so keep that in mind. The course itself is fast even going at a slow pace I could feel the speed in the snow. The first downhill will be the place to be, it takes you down with quite some speed, only to spit you out into a tight turn (which did not help that it had not been groomed with about ‘2 of snow). Since all of you guys will be up here soon I will not drag on about the course and Fairbanks itself. Just know that the courses will be great for us, will ample time for recovery and hard hills which our high elevation lungs will help us through. This Junior Nationals for the people who are here for the first time, is going to be a great and different experience, for the people who have been before this will still be a special one. So Get Stoked and Ready to Ski Fast! See you guys here soon.