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Conversation at the Coffee Shop

Had to go to coffee shop to get internet service because hotel is overloaded.

Here’s the scenario at the coffee shop:
Girlfriend has been waiting at least an hour for boyfriend to come to the coffee shop. He finally arrives. It’s his birthday. She buys him breakfast and then here’s the conversation:

Her – I could teach you cpr real quick. Like in 45 minutes.
Him – Nah.

Her – You need to get some clothes.
Him – Nah. I’m fine.

Her – You’ve had that same outfit for probably all of your life. Let’s go get an undershirt, pants and a shirt.
Him – Uh, ok.

Her – I know that’s not a very exciting thing to do on your birthday.
Him – Shrugs shoulder. Puts his arm around her and says thank you, babe.

Happy Birthday Fairbanks Style.

We made it!

After small delays and long flights, we made it to Fairbanks!