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Im sure I don’t need to say this…. But…..

I would like to say thank you to everyone that made this trip possible for the entire Far West Junior National team! THis has been an amazing try and many great memories will come from this arctic adventure! Not only was there great racing, but great… well…… everything! It was amazing! I’m sure I speak for most of the team, or should I say all! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! And not just too the parents. To the coaches who toiled over our skis, and the race crews at Auburn ski club who worked hard to pull off our qualifying races!

KGKJSDADKJFBKJRKQEGB (Titles always confuse me)

Well its about -9 degrees Fahrenheit right now at 08:36 on Thursday morning. This should be an interesting day. This is going to be an interesting day.
Our sprint course is going to be really fun yet challenging. Making the heats this year will be hard and placing high will be even harder. The snow yesterday had very little glide and today I expect it will have even less. This is when tempo and speed over rule power and glide. But all this doesn’t mean we can’t go fast! That would defeat the purpose of racing!

Along with this I would like to thank my parents, my friends, my family, and everyone else that made this incredible journey available to me! It has been amazing and I hope that in two years you’ll all be able to see Far West race on their home turf!



I just LOVE packing!

I think the most stressful part of this trip is the packing! Your struggling to remember if your forgetting anything, we surely can’t turn around and get it. Skis, check. Boots, check. Poles, check. Race suit, check. Gloves, hats, socks, headbands, buffs, check. I hope everything is getting into this bag. Looks like the Xbox will be staying though :( Oh well. Surely, this won’t really be the most stressful part of the trip. Will it?

Peter Park Myung Ho Carroll

Age: 16
Hometown Truckee, CA
School: Sugar Bowl Academy
Team: Far West Nordic, Sugar Bowl Academy Nordic, Team “KnuckleHead”
Age first skied: 13
Favorite Book: Anything that is good!
Favorite Nordic Athlete: Jesse Diggins
Favorite Off Snow Sport: Ultimate Frisbee, Running, Road Biking, Rock Climbing
Favorite Athlete in that sport: I don’t know any pro frisbee players….
Most Memorable Far West Experience:
My most memorable Far West experience would have to be breaking my ankle when running the Cascade Trail last summer at DL Bliss camp! I had to be carried roughly a mile by J3 girls. Wasn’t all bad ;)
Best Racing Experience:
My best racing experience would be the Super Junior National Qualifier sprints at Soldier Hollow this year! I placed 6th overall! Nearly killed myself to do it! Best day so far!
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
If I could have one super power, it would be to control time and space.
What is something most people can do that you cannot?
I can’t say that I resemble my parents or any of my relatives at all, mostly because I’m Asian and they aren’t.

Peter Carroll   601278_4474848471845_1102392117_n