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Far West J2 Girls’ Team in Fairbanks!

Today the J2 Girls’ (and the rest of the Far West team) had their first chance to check out the trails at Birch Hill, our venue for JNs. These were some of the comments during our classic ski as we attempted to navigate the race courses…

1. Birch Hill is aptly named because there are a lot of Birch trees and it is hilly.
2. The trails are very wide which is sweet
3. It is VERY confusing since the trails are very twisty, turny and there are a million different signs with about 5 different color schemes
4. The local bank in town said it was 41 degrees…this can’t possibly be true and we’re sure they are trying to trick us californians
5. There are a lot of hills and some technical downhill turns
6. Extra blue hard wax is way superior to klister
7. It’s pretty sweet to finally be in Alaska, the first time for almost all of us!