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A Recap of a very long, very fun week.

After two flights we had finally reached our destination in Fairbanks the 2013 USSA 2013 Junior National Championships. We had two days to train on the coarses before the distance skate individual start and opening ceremonies, the trails were awesome super hard climbs and fast long downhillsw. VERY FUN! Opening Cerimonies were nothing to hoot and holler about, but it was very cool to think that you are sitting in a room with the fastest kids in the country. Once we were back at the hotel it was time to go to bed for the first event was the next morning. We made it to the venu the next morning, to start warming up on the little 1k loop with every other mj2 in the country, it was a little hectic, but I made it to the starton time and threw down a descent race so I was happy but knew I could do better. I learned a lot of things that race such as, we are no longer in Tahoe we are in Fairbanks, It is cold you need to where wind briefs, we are at 300 feet above sea level you need to ski at a much higher tempo. after a few days of rest and one relay it was time for the seconed individual event, the skate sprint. It was the coldest day of the trip, and boy was it cold, the snow was dry and slow, but it was a very fun race I moved up in the results but did not advance into the heats so for the rest of the day I got to chear on everyone and watch the fastest kids in the country which is very exciting. The following day was a training day, so I skied the final coarse and as I was coming down this rather hard downhill, I came around a really sketchy turn and noticed all this netting and wondered what it was for, just like that I was down in the net and saw the rest of my pole sitting where I had fallen, the coaches had a set of poles I could use so all was well. It was the final race day it was time to leave everything out there and make it the best one. The very loud shotgun went off and the pack made its way up the hardest climb of the coarse which was almost half the coarse, there were six tracks across the trail and theyt were all very close to each other but the only way to get around people was to try and shoot the gap through the middle which got a little scary at the time. I skied at the back of the pack almost the entire race so I could see the leaders there were just alot of people inbetween. With about 1k to go I dropped off the back but still had one of my best races of the season, so I was very happy and it was a good way to end it. Later were the closing cerimonies and the dance, which were both good fun. Then it was time to pack think of all the good friends that you met and made on this trip, and I must say I met some people that I will never forget, friends who I will think about for the rest of the year or until I see them at another race where we are reunited. Thank you coaches for waxing all of our skis and making the trip fun. Thank you team for leaving me with so many memories, that I will always laugh about for the rest of my life. Thank you Mom and Dad if it weren’t for you none of this would have been possible.

The Eve Before we leave

As I finished packing up for our departure tomorrow I though about BLOGGING, that thing we have to do. As I thought about it I felt a great title for a blog would be The Eve Before We Leave, it just sounded so cool, sadly I really have no Blog to follow this rad title. So my next post will have to be my first real post.

Brandon Herhusky

Age: 14
Hometown Brockway, Ca
School: Incline High School
Team: Auburn Ski Club
Age first skied: 3
Favorite Book: If You Give a Moose a Muffin
Favorite Nordic Athlete: Dario
Favorite Off Snow Sport: Mountain Biking
Favorite Athlete in that sport: Mark Weir
Most Memorable Far West Experience:
Opening cerimonies of my first jns last year, although it was very cold and long. It was just so cool to be there.
Best Racing Experience:
Classic 5k race at jns last year. Total Cali spring weather and having my best race of the whole year just felt so good. Laying in the finish had never felt so good!
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
Slow down time
What is something most people can do that you cannot?