JN Mass Start Freestyle

stoweA beautiful day in Stowe for the Mass Start freestyle races.  Far West Nordic was ranked 4th in the Alaska Cup points after 2 races.Today’s highlights were Hannah Halvorsen 3rd, Shane Christian 6th MU20, and Peter Holmes 8th.

MU20 15k: Shane Christian 6th
FU20 10k: Laurel Fiddler 15th
MU18 10k: Peter Holmes 8th, Dylan Syben 22nd, Julien Bordes 28th, Sam Zabell 40th, Aaron Deeter 60th, Carson Bold 71stPeter Carroll 72nd
FU18 10k: Amanda Kirkeby 38th,Danielle Nivinski 45th, Savannah Blide 64th, Elise Hardy 74th, 
MU16 5k: Brandon Herhusky 32nd, Ryland Belisle 35th, Connor Kusumoto 36th, Trace Calvin 39th, Casey Jobe 44th, Skyler Mullings 49th, 
FU16 5k: Hannah Halvorsen 3rd, Lizzie Larkins 19th, Jenna Rohlf 34th, Kyla Burrill 48th, Bri Parker 51st, Claire Lang-Ree 57th

Race Results