J2 podium

JN Freestyle Mass Start

The course was slick for today’s freestyle mass start competition. First to ski were the J2 boys and Peter Holmes took 3rd.

 Far West Results
5k J2 boys: Peter Holmes 3rd, Dylan Syben 31st, Sam Zabell 35th, Julien Bordes 44th, Evan Vomund 46th, Eli Yale 48th, Peter Carroll 57th, Brandon Herhusky 59th
5k J2 girls: Skyler Flora 35th, Garielle Rinne 37th, Amanda Kirkeby 50th, Danielle Nivinski 53rd, Camille Hartley 54th, Savannah Blide 56th
10k J1 boys: Patrick McElravey 9th, Shane Christian 47th, Alex Kopytko 74th, Branden Deeter 80th, Joe Piercy 83rd
10k FJ1: Katrin Larusson 11th (10th USA), Laurel Fiddler 26th, Cassidy Cichowicz 47th, Raylene Chew 64th, Joelle Romo 74th
15k OJ boys: Austin Meng 9th (8th USA)
10k OJ girls: Annika Taylor 14th, Melanie Swick 30th

Freestyle Results

The Far West Nordic JN athletes have stated as their team goal placing in the top six and beating PNSA in Alaska Cup Points. They are ranked 6 after the first 2 races and comfortably ahead of PNSA.

Alaska Cup Points after 2 races.