JN Classic Sprints

holmes-sprint-podiumClassic Sprint day at Stowe and Peter Holmes won his 2nd National Championship taking 1st MU18. Other highlight results of the day Hannah Halvorsen 4th in the FU16 A Final, Lizzie Larkins 3rd in the FU16 B Final, Patrick McElravey 5th MU20 A Final, and Laurel Fiddler 5th in the FU20B Final. Making the quarterfinals Skyler Mullings, Trace Calvin, and Ryland Belisle, Brandon Herhusky in the MU16, Jenna Rohlf in the FU16, Dylan Syben MU18, and Danielle Nivinski FU18.

Qualifier Results:
MU16: Brandon Herhusky 14th, Skyler Mullings 23rd, Ryland Belisle 26th, Trace Calvin 28th, Casey Jobe 35th, Connor Kusumoto 56th
FU16: Hannah Halvorsen 1st, Lizzie Larkins 9th, Jenna Rohlf 28th, Bri Parker 56th, Kyla Burrill 63rd, Eleanore Hamilton 64th, Claire Lang-Rae 65th 
MU20: Patrick McElravey 4th, Shane Christian 57th
MU18: Peter Holmes 1st, Dylan Syben 17th, Julien Bordes 31st, Sam Zabell 40th, Peter Carroll 49th, Aaron Deeter 57th, Carson Bold 73rd
FU20: Laurel Fiddler 12th
FU18: Danielle Nivinski 29th, Savannah Blide 48th, Bria Riggs 52nd, Amanda Kirkeby 68th, Elise Hardy 78th