JN 3×3 Freestyle Relays

In today’s 3×3 km freestyle relays Far West Nordic MU20 team of Peter Holmes, Shane Christian, and Patrick McElravey placed 2nd, our FU16 team of Hannah Halvorsen, Lizzie Larkins, and Jenna Rohlf placed 4th, our FU20 team of Laurel Fiddler, Danielle Nivinski, and Amanda Kirkeby took 8th,  and our MU16 team of Brandon Herhusky, Ryland Belsile, and Skyler Mullings took 10th as did our MU18 team of Dylan Syben, Julien Bordes, and Sam Zabell

FU16: Halvorsen-Larkins-Rohlf 4th, Parker-Burrill-Lang-Ree 19th
MU16: Herhusky-Belisle-Mullings 10th
FU18: Blide-Hardy-Riggs 21st
MU18: Syben-Bordes-Zabell 10th, Carroll-Deeter-Bold 21st
FU20: Fiddler-Nivinski-Kirkeby 8th
MU20: Holmes-Christian-McElravey 2nd

Race results

Congrats to the Far West Nordic Junior National team for a great week in Stowe!!