JN 3×3 Classic Relays

In today’s classic 3 x 3.3 km relays Far  West Nordic’s MJ2 team of Dylan Syben, Julien Bordes, and Sam Zabell placed 5th and our MOJ team of Peter Holmes, Shane Christian, and Patrick McElravey took 7th.

MJ2: Syben-Bordes-Zabell 5th, Herhusky-Mullings-Jobe 15th
FJ2: Halvorsen-Larkins-Kirkeby 13th
MJ1: Carroll-Vomund- A Deeter 21st
MOJ: Holmes-Christuan-McElravey 7th, Kopytko-B Deeter-Wiltz 21st
FOJ: Romo-Flora-Hartley 12th
FJ1: Larusson-Riggs-Nivinski 17th