US Nationals 10/15k Classic


18 degrees with four inches of new snow made for perfect conditions for the 10/15k Classic races at US Nationals in Soldier Hollow. Far West Nordic was well represented including Brandon Herhusky 1st MU16, Peter Holmes 4th MU18, and Hannah Halvorsen 5th FU16.
Women’s 10k Classic
Far West Nordic Juniors: Hannah Halvorsen 5th FU16, Bria Riggs 22nd FU18, and Danielle Nivinski 29th FU18 
Far West Alumni: Chelsea Holmes 6th FSR (10th overall), Annika Taylor 13th FU23, Katrin Larusson 10th FU20, Laurel Fiddler 21st FU20, and Joelle Romo 27th FU20.

Men’s 15k Classic
Far West Nordic Juniors: Peter Holmes 4th MU18, Shane Christian 25th MU20, Julien Bordes 27th MU18, Sam Zabell 36th MU18, Dylan Syben 39th MU18, and Brandon Herhusky 1st MU16
Far West Nordic Elite Team: Spencer Eusden 23rd MSR
Far West Alumni: Mathew Gelso 4th MSR (7th overall), Patrick McElravey 5th MU20, and Alex Hamilton 47th MU23

Race Results