Trail Day 2011

On Saturday, 13 August, 19 Far West athletes, 1 Far West coach, and 3 Far West parents, joined, Kevin Starr, from the Truckee Donner Land Trust to do our annual Trail Work Day.
On the docket for this work session was the Donner Lake Rim Trail (DLRT) between Summit Lake and Hole-in-the-Ground Trail. From a training stand-point, this is a great hiking/running/mtn biking trail so we wanted to “give back” to the very venues that sustain our folly.
It was a beautiful summer morning when we headed up from Castle Peak Exit just off of I-80.
First up was sign replacement project. Led by Mitch Dion, Team “Cal-Trans” quickly dug out the broken old sign post stump, made the hole deeper, then put in the ‘new’ post, tamping it down to be sure it was sturdy.
Meanwhile, Kevin Starr led the rest of the group across the meadow- ripe with beautiful summer flowers- to where the DLRT crosses the PCT and heads towards Summit Lake.
Here, Team “Trail Sweep”, led by Stacey Herhusky, went gangbusters clearing the trail and buffing it out with brooms. It was so clean even the Wicked Witch from the East would eat off it.
Team “Too-Many-Cooks-in-the-Kitchen”, led by Coach Ben, built a gorgeous step-up ramp over a rocky section hauling in “special dirt” all the way from Castle Peak!- so the cooks said…
Hiking further up the trail, Team “Run-Amuck” led by Emily Goss, re-built an eroding corner, cleaned and built water-bars, cut out stumps, and somehow found a beautiful waterfall which wasn’t anywhere near the trail…
After lunch, everyone put tools to trail for one last push and buffed out/swept the trail and cleaned/made numerous water drainages.
In just a few short hours of work, the trail looked amazing and Kevin was very impressed with the amount of work we accomplished.
Upon return to trailhead, everyone earned a sweet t-shirt from Truckee Donner Land Trust with the slogan, “gooddirtyfun” on it. I would have to say, for this group, that was/is true.

Thank You! all who helped out and to Kevin Starr and the Truckee Donner Land Trust for supporting this amazing community endeavor.
Now, Git Out Thar and check out our work!