Mammoth Skiers Volunteer for Friends of the Inyo

Friends of the Inyo

I have new respect for the members of the Mammoth Comp and Devo teams after working on a trail project with them all day yesterday.  When I suggested that we do a day of volunteer service with Friends of the Inyo, I wasn’t even sure anyone would even sign up.  Then, I expected some grumbling […]

MT LASSEN CAMP by Ben Grasseschi

Mt Lassen Camp

Ever tried to swim 1/2 mile across a chilly lake after doing 30x30scd uphill bounding intervals? Ever tried to swim that 1/2 mile with a greased watermelon that you passed hand over hand for a 1/2 mile prior. Ever eaten fresh killed chipmunk? Ever built a custom bike frame? Ever played in a World Cup […]

JUNE LAKE CAMP 2010 by Nancy Fiddler

June Lake 2010

Once again, June Lake Camp was a blast. 17 campers from Truckee, North Tahoe, South Tahoe, and Mammoth joined the fun this year for four days of training in the scenic Eastern Sierra. Coaches Lea McKinstry, Martin Benes, and Nancy Fiddler were assisted by volunteer Bryce Tiernan to lead the camp participants through a variety […]