Saturday, January 29, 2011 was classic distance day.

In the 15K men’s classic, Austin Meng was 1st MOJ with a time of 42:56.6…Great job Austin! In the 5km MJ2 division Katrin Larusson took 2nd, and in the 3km MJ3 race Sam Zabell was 4th. In the 10km FJ1 division Annika Taylor was 8th.

Far West results:
5km FJ2: Katrin Larusson (2nd), Raylene Chew (16th), Bria Riggs (20th), Skyler Flora (36th), Danielle Nivinski (41st), Camille Hartley (44th)
5km MJ2: Jackson Rohlf (29th), Brandon Flora (73rd)
3km MJ3: Sam Zabell (4th), Skyler Mullings (25th)
3km FJ3: Gabrielle Rinne (13th), Savannah Blide (19th)
10km FJ1/FOJ: Annika Taylor (8th FJ1), Joelle Romo (32nd FJ1), Allie McDaniel (45th FJ1)
15km MJ1/MOJ: Austin Meng (1st MOJ), Jordan McElroy  (11th MJ1), Justin Ondry (30th MJ1), Patrick McElravey (31st MJ1), Alex Kopytko (37th MJ1), Alec Wiltz (40th MJ1), Joe Piercy (63rd MJ1), Evan Dion (21st MOJ), Branden Jeeter (72nd MJ1)

Race results

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