Tamarck Lodge XC
April 3, 2011

“It was a great race, Nancy Fiddler called it mixed conditions, but the racers where enthusiastic and had a good time.” – Ueli Luthi (race director)

39 racers completed the 42 kilometer marathon and another 49 completed the 21 kilometer half marathon.
In the women’s marathon, Julie Young was 1st with a time of 2:28:19.1, Carolyn Tiernan was 2nd, and Far West junior Allie McDaniel 3rd.
In the men’s marathon 1st place went to US Biathlon team member Wynn Roberts with a time of 2:01:07.1, 2nd place to Tav Streit, and 3rd place to Far West junior Austin Meng.
In the women’s half marathon Far West coach Nancy Fiddler from Mammoth was 1st at 1:09:38.8, with Far West juniors Annika Taylor and Katrin Larusson taking 2nd and 3rd. In the men’s half marathon Far West Junior Alec Wiltz was 1st at 1:09:00.8, with Far West head coach Ben Grasseschi 2nd, and Joe Walker 3rd.

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