Lake Tahoe Nordic Festival

Lake Tahoe Nordic FestivalFebruary 8, 9, 10, 2013 

The Lake Tahoe Nordic Festival is an event that will cater to one of the fastest growing cross-country regions in the United States. With multiple cross-country ski resorts and hundreds of kilometers of groomed trails, Lake Tahoe serves up some of the finest Nordic skiing in the United States.

Working in partnership with Tahoe Cross Country and multiple Nordic industry leaders, Alpenglow Sports has created California’s first-ever Nordic Festival. The Lake Tahoe Nordic Festival is e a 3 day event designed to cater to the local ski community and attract Nordic enthusiasts from a regional scope.

There will be demos, talks,  clinics, and group skis lead by many of Far West Nordic’s luminaries including head coach Ben Grasseschi, Olympians Glenn Jobe and Marcus Nash, and more!

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