JN 3×3 Classic Relays

In today’s classic 3 x 3.3 km relays Far ¬†West Nordic’s MJ2 team of Dylan Syben, Julien Bordes, and Sam Zabell placed 5th and our MOJ team of Peter Holmes, Shane Christian, and Patrick McElravey took 7th.

MJ2: Syben-Bordes-Zabell 5th, Herhusky-Mullings-Jobe 15th
FJ2: Halvorsen-Larkins-Kirkeby 13th
MJ1: Carroll-Vomund- A Deeter 21st
MOJ: Holmes-Christuan-McElravey 7th, Kopytko-B Deeter-Wiltz 21st
FOJ: Romo-Flora-Hartley 12th
FJ1: Larusson-Riggs-Nivinski 17th