PO Box 765
Mt Shast, CA 96067
530 926 2142


Mission & Vision

Mt Shasta Nordic Ski Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting quality Nordic experiences.
Mt Shasta Nordic is an economically-viable, community-based non-profit organization that strives to inspire a passion for Nordic skiing by providing marked backcountry and groomed Nordic trails to a broad range of skiers in the Northern California/Southern Oregon region. Through the financial support from members, partners, and the community, we offer donation-based Nordic ski trail access, a full-service facility, and an array of ski programs for diverse populations.


Mt Shasta Nordic was formed in early 2006 by members of the Mt Shasta area Nordic community who recognized that the Nordic skiing infrastructure Northern California could be preserved and enhanced by a community group passionate about cross-country skiing. With the intention of benefiting generations to come, we set our scope of influence to encompass those who have yet to discover the joys and benefits of Nordic skiing. Our intention is to create, enhance, and preserve Nordic skiing opportunities for all ages and abilities. By facilitating participation in education programs, competitive events, and Nordic skiing as a fun, health-beneficial, aerobic activity, we aim to enhance the legacy of Nordic Skiing in our community.

Guiding Priniciples

Mt. Shasta Nordic Ski Organization intends & strives to:

  • We enable people to participate in the sport of Nordic skiing by providing well-groomed trails, marked backcountry trails, a full-service facility, quality instruction, and appropriate equipment
  • We ensure access and opportunity to all Nordic skiers by offering donation-based, public access trails
  • We encourage and support skiers of all ages, skill levels, disabilities, and incomes
  • We inspire and engender an active winter lifestyle in both enthusiasts and the general public.
  • We promote Nordic skiing as an environmentally-friendly activity, beneficial to mental and physical health
  • We facilitate a variety of health, youth, competitive, and educational ski programs/events
  • We represent and respond to the wishes of our membership and needs of our community with consideration for environmental responsibility, fiscal prudence, and operational sustainability