Far West is a small Division, but is supporting a growing number of Clubs interested in promoting cross country skiing.

A Club can be anything from a group of enthusiasts who declare themselves a Club to a long established Nonprofit Organization such as Auburn Ski Club

Clubs in The Far West include:

  • Auburn Ski Club: A USSA affiliated Club with its own Training Center on Donner Summit. Offers year round Teams, programs and competitions as well as winter recreational ski facilities and clinics. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation
  • Eastern Sierra Club: Based in Mammoth – provides year round training for junior athletes.
  • The Tahoe Cross Country Ski Education Association – a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation established to promote and develop the sport of cross country skiing through educational activities. Owns & runs Tahoe XC ski area
  • Tahoe Donner Nordic Ski Club in Truckee, California, was created by a group of cross country skiers to enlarge their circle of ski buddies & improve their skiing and mountain activity experiences. Skiers, hikers & bikers are welcome to join.

A USSA Club is affiliated with the US Ski Team promoting high level racing at local, National and International levels.
Auburn Ski Club, based at their Training Center on Donner Summit, is Far West’s only USSA Club at present.

A couple of things to consider when starting a club.

  • Insurance is your biggest hurdle to starting a club. And it can be expensive. Maybe one of your ‘members’ has connections regarding pricing and researching this.
  • Ski area connections: where will you ski and how much will it cost and how many people will you have?
  • What kind of coaching licenses do your people have? Are they personal coaches? PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America?) USSA (US Ski Assoc?) etc.

Some solutions to these:
Far West Nordic is not a ski club. It is a division of USSA. It encompasses California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii. Currently, only California has a thriving xc ski community. There are 10 divisions in the US that together, through coaches and activities, make up the whole of US Skiing. Within Far West there are currently only a couple of ski clubs.
One of those, Auburn Ski Club (ASC), on Donner Summit, is the 2nd oldest ski club in the US and an affiliate of Far West. It has numerous xc skiing programs and membership incentives. Perhaps your group would all like to join ASC for this season and check out what a top rated ski club is all about before you proceed. Rates are super reasonable and include a season trail pass to the ASC nordic trails. Go to for more info.

Far West Nordic is dedicated to promoting xc skiing and racing in the division. They offer many camps and trips for Junior (age13-19), Senior( age 20-29), and Master (age 30 yrs+) skiers. They promote xc racing within the division and even host numerous xc ski races as fundraisers for the programs they support. Your ‘members’ may wish to race in such events as the Tahoe Rim Tour, the Great Ski Race, the California Gold Rush, etc.
Far West also offers many one day xc ski clinics throughout the year that you all may wish to partake in. These are taught by some of the best coaches in the country and Far West (FW) works hard to address many different interests and abilities in these clinics. You need to be a member of FW to take these clinics.

Most of Far West and Auburn SKi Club coaches are PSIA Instructors as well as coaches. This is a great organization that is also dedicated to promoting xc skiing through instruction and clinics. Early every winter (first of second week of December) they have a symposium ‘locally’ in the Sierras that encourages new participants to come and take classes/clinics for personal development and/or ski club/resort type benefits. Check out for info.

Both PSIA and USSA offer insurance for members of their respective programs. They do not offer group insurance.
Neither Far West nor Auburn Ski Club have “chapters” but they will support and encourage new clubs and have even offered “umbrella programs” to help folks get started.