Ben Grasseschi

Good luck Ben wherever you venture and thank you for everything!

Ben Grasseschi has been the heart and soul of Far West Nordic for the past 9 years. He has been the head Junior Coach, has guided countless masters racers, created and nurtured the FW Farm Team, has overseen the expansion of the Far West mission to include a much bigger base, and has been at nearly every fund-raiser, ski race, and social event that Far West has put on. When you think of Far West the picture that comes to mind for most of us is the smiling face of “Coach Ben.”

Ben came to Far West as a young ski racer out of the College of Idaho in 2002. He immediately made an impact on our juniors when he started coaching with the ASC Comp and Devo teams and coaching at Far West camps. Ben’s humor, obvious love of skiing, and his child-like joy in all things winter related, made him an instant favorite with juniors. Pretty much every day saw 15-30 junior racers following him around and usually everyone had a huge smile on their face!

Ben coached the Far West team at eight Junior National Championships and helped produce several National Champions including Matt Gelso and Joanne Reid.Throughout his career Far West skiers received incredibly well waxed skis, great technique fundamentals, and most importantly, a love of the value of sport, sportsmanship, and being a great all around person. Ben’s impact on hundreds of juniors will guide them in positive ways for many years.

Ben’s main focus has always been the Far West juniors but he deserves equal credit for his vision in seeing the need to build a strong program for post high school senior racers. He created the Far West Farm team and has built it into one of the premier senior race teams in the country. Who wouldn’t want to come to Tahoe after their college racing days are over and get to work with Ben as their coach?

Far West is home to many top tier masters racers and they too love to work with Ben. On most winter mornings Ben can be found skiing around with a gang of master racers all trying to bend their knees and get on as flat as a ski as Ben does. And just like with the juniors, they are all smiling! Ben Grasseschi has given his heart to far West Nordic and we are immeasurably richer for it.

Good luck Ben wherever you venture and thank you for everything!