Biathlon DVD

I have a copy of the “3rd Annual Mammoth Winter Biathlon” DVD from March 27-28, 2010 if anyone would like to borrow it. Email be at Kimberly Kaznowski

Talus Happens

Nancy Fiddler

Here I am again, two blogs in two days. This time I wanted to share the experience of a recent backpack trip Laurel and I took together. It was the middle of August and I was figuring out that I hadn’t been anywhere all summer (let’s not count Bishop). Our family always takes a week […]

National J2 Talent Camp in Houghton Michigan

Laurel Fiddler

On Saturday July 31st I said goodbye to the only coach I’d ever known, my mother, and departed on my first out of four flights to the upper peninsula of Michigan. After a long day of travel I arrived at the small airport in Houghton at midnight, exhausted. I’ll never forget the feeling of walking […]

Mammoth Skiers Volunteer for Friends of the Inyo

Friends of the Inyo

I have new respect for the members of the Mammoth Comp and Devo teams after working on a trail project with them all day yesterday.  When I suggested that we do a day of volunteer service with Friends of the Inyo, I wasn’t even sure anyone would even sign up.  Then, I expected some grumbling […]

MT LASSEN CAMP by Ben Grasseschi

Mt Lassen Camp

Ever tried to swim 1/2 mile across a chilly lake after doing 30x30scd uphill bounding intervals? Ever tried to swim that 1/2 mile with a greased watermelon that you passed hand over hand for a 1/2 mile prior. Ever eaten fresh killed chipmunk? Ever built a custom bike frame? Ever played in a World Cup […]