some Buff love out there

Rough day for my buffaloes out here in Montana on skate day. It is crystal blue skis and sunny at about twenty degrees, but somehow we didn’t post the results we were hoping for. Rune (our top Norwegian guy) and I led our stampede in fifth and sixth respectively, but when the scores were totaled at the end of the day, CU was sitting in fifth. Not the greatest for the team looking to defend our title, but we did our best. However, we are primarily (except for me, a pure skater) classic skiers.

We are donning our boots (these $10,000 monstrosities that are supposed to take the lactic acid out of our legs by doing a bunch of weird things with air pressure) in preparation to regroup and ride to war again.

And to my teammates on Far West? I will get you your flag back – I AM COMING FOR YOU, PNSA, and you know who I am.

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