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Skate mass start and flag-napping

Today was the skate mass start race. J2 boys got to go first and we got the best trails. There were a lot of crashes and broken equipment. I counted around five segments of broken poles on the course. Some of them were within the first kilometer, but one was about two feet from the finish line. I had a pretty good start. I was cut off by other racers a few times before I asserted my place more and began to be more aggressive. I made up a few places and caught some PNSA kids. Last night, we as a team made it our goal to be in the top six for Alaska Cup points as well as beat PNSA. Towards the top of the last huge climb, almost straight up the side of the valley and about 1/2 kilometer from the finish, I was dying. However, I had a PNSA skier right in front of me and Mary Ellen to yell at me. I managed to catch him and hold him off for the finish. Far West as a team had an excellent day and we made up significant ground in the Alaska Cup standings. I had a good race and had a lot of fun. After my race, I spent the rest of the time at the venue waving around my Far West flag, fashioned out of Alex’s torn wife-beater and a mop handle. which brings me to the second part of this post…

So as I mentioned, I spent a few hours waving a Far West Far Best flag; At one point, I came across the PNSA kids with their own flag. We critiqued each others banners. Later, as we were packing up to go home, I put the flag in the U-haul. Unfortunately, the PNSA kids ( no one told me that there was a flag-stealing war between us and them) were behind us and STOLE OUR FLAG. We chased them in our van all the way across Heber Valley to their house. They wouldn’t give the flag back, so we went home. As of now, operation Paint the Target is a go.


Operation Paint The Target was a huge success. At the midweek awards/ ice cream social, Peter C. and I sneaked out during the ice cream part of the gathering armed with glass-chalk for drawing on cars (washable). We found the PNSA van that stole our flag and completely covered it with “Far West”, “Far Best”, and a “We worship the mighty Far West”. Afterward, we went back to the party and talked to PNSA kids like nothing happened. Before leaving, all of our vehicles did a drive-by. All of the PNSAs were standing around outside their van looking at us. I am curious as to what their retaliation will be.