PNSA retaliation

After I posted my last entry yesterday, Dylan walked in with an interesting story. He had been spending the day with his parents so he stayed at the social a little longer than the rest of us. He said that he was surrounded by PNSAs and taken hostage into one of their vans. There, he was told that they were going to piss in our van and they also took Dylan’s Far West jacket. This morning after training at the venue we mounted a retaliation. We went and found the PNSA van that we had vandalized last night. we were hoping that it would be unlocked and if it was, we were going to mace the interior with a spray can of Old Spice. Unfortunately, the van was locked. However, upon returning to our wax table, we found a group of PNSAs taunting our guys from a distance with the PNSA flag. Patrick and I pursued them, ending in a small skirmish. We eventually called a truce and got our own flag back, but it was completely soiled and had some male genitalia drawn on it. Another strike op has been organized, involving a freshly acquired can of shaving cream and their van at the venue tomorrow.

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