Down Time

The past two days have been full of non-productivity when not on snow. Brandon H. and Evan are completely addicted to reality television. They have watched at least 9 total hours (seriously no exaggeration) of Storage Wars, Hoarders, Strange Addictions, and all sorts of other crap. Upstairs in the J1/OJ house, people are watching endless Disney Channel movies and shows. On the other hand, Peter C. and I make far better use of our time: Blackhawk Down and 3:10 to ‘Yuma. Today however we made fairly good use of our time. Myself and several others got up an hour early to ski earlier before going up to Utah Olympic Park, the site of the jumping hills, luge, skeleton, and bobsled courses, and the museum. We got to see a few of the Junior National nordic-combined athletes go off of the 64 meter hill before going to the top of the 128 meter hill and the ice courses. We even got to see a few skeleton competitors rip down the track. We then came back to the main house to eat and wax. How can it take 30 people over four hours to wax one pair of skis each with six different profiles?!?!?!. It took me 15 minutes…

Dear Peter,

I just Wanted to inform you your last post was very subpar. You aid that we arrived in Salt Lake, but actually we are in Park City. Also You spelled WICH like the one that melt if you put her in a jacuzzi. also you were very unthorough in every thing you talked about. When you talked about skiing you said “today we went skiing…” and that’s all. You could mention how the ski was or some words of wisdom from Ambrose. Overall, it sounded like a very intelligent child wrote it, However; I really enjoyed it and thought it was pretty good. I think you just need to hear the truth.

The sprint were really fun and enjoyable. The snow was very nice in the morning and then it became very slow in the afternoon. We came back to the house and almost everyone took a cold shower because i ran the jacuzzi and it wasted all the water, but my jacuzzi was not even warm. We then headed over to the food house and ate dinner, wich was very good. then we watched some biathlon and that was crazy. As the night went on we mosied our way back to the house and went to sleep

Classic Sprint

On Monday, Far West juniors, as well as skiers from nine other regions of the country competed in a classic sprint at Soldier Hollow, Utah, site of the 2002 Olympic Games. For results of today’s racing, you can check out Summit Timing’s website.

What you can’t see there is how fast the snow was this morning, how blue the sky, how amped up our athletes were, while they raced, but especially while their teammates were racing, how proud our first-year racers were of their skiing, how humbled our first-year athletes were by the fierce competition, how many different waxes our kick testers tried throughout the day, how many of our kids stayed at the race venue for hours after their day was over to cheer on their teammates, how hot it got in the California-like sun, how slow everyone’s skis got in the rapidly transforming snow, how bright red some of our boys’ faces burned due to insufficient sunblock–no, for that you’d have had to have been here.

Mass start skate races on Wednesday. Tomorrow we ski Wednesday’s 5km course, which is nearly the same as the Olympic course, altered by the lack of snow. More later.

Buffalo Soldiers

Today, we achieved a new level of awesome here in Montana. All three of us (three is the maximum racers allowed to start any given category) fell on our face. I leave the normal falls to my teammates, on downhill corners or when their classic skis grabbed, and take the special fall for myself. Somehow I fell going uphill? I seem to have found my pole between my legs five times today – what was it doing there??

My roommate and best friend Eliska, the current defending champion for the 15km classic race at NCAAs and I are currently jumping on our bed singing to a little kid’s TV show explaining how to squeeze your toothpaste. Being 24 and 19 doesn’t make you any more mature if you don’t let it.

I feel old when I look at the results and haven’t a clue who anyone is. All the people I raced with at World Juniors are now U23s and either on World Cup or Supertour or occasionally the collegiate circuit. For being the youngest skier on my team three years in a row – WHY DO I FEEL OLD?

Eliska and I proved our dedication to our NCAA success by playing frisbee in the stadium – frisbee full of dives, falls, and general failure to either throw or catch. Needless to say, we received a lot of funny looks, but hey! It worked for us last year.

Practice those downhills, Far West!!! (And squeeze your toothpaste from the far end)

Junior Nationals Classic Sprints

Annika Taylor - JN Classic Sprints 2012Monday, the first day of competition at the 2012 Junior Nationals, were the Classic Sprints. The highlight result of the day was Annika Taylor who took 7th place (1st in the B Final) in the FOJ competition. Making the quarterfinals were Patrick McElravey who took 21st in the J1 boys, Austin Meng was 19th in the OJ boys, Peter Holmes 13th and Dylan Syben 22nd in th J2 boys, and Bria Riggs 30th in the J2 girls, and Katrin Larusson 23rd in the J1 girls.

Far West Nordic results:
MJ1: Patrick McElravey 21st, Jordan McElroy 50th, Alex Kopytko 75th, Branden Deeter 78th, Shane Christian 87th, Joe Piercy 88th,
MOJ; Austin Meng 19th
MJ2: Peter Holmes 13th, Dylan Syben 22nd, Sam Zabell 40th, Peter Carroll 41st, Eli Yale 50th, Julien Bordes 51st, Evan Vomund 59th, Brandon Herhusky 61st
FJ2: Bria Riggs 30th, Daniell Nivinski 54th, Savannah Blide 56th, Gabrielle Rinne 57th, Amanda Kirkeby 60th, Camille Hartley 61st, Skyler Flora 62nd
FJ1: Katrin Larusson 23rd, Cassidy Cichowicz 52nd, Joelle Romo 68th, Raylene Chew 70th, Laurel Fiddler 79th,
FOJ: Annika Taylor 7th, Melanie Swick 36th

Overall Classic Sprint Results

Post Tea Tree

It will be hard to follow Peter Holmes’ posting “Tea Tree”, but I will give it a shot. Raylene and I arrived by airplane on Friday in Salt Lake City. We were met by Glenn and Martin who gave us a ride to Heber City. We stayed the night at the Holiday Inn Express where Team Alaska was staying for the week of competition. We got the day started early so that we could test wax and set up the wax trailer. Setting up the wax trailer proved to be a lot of work but worth the effort. Everything has it’s place and we are able to find everything without a problem. We met the team at the opening ceremony which was entertaining and short, which was nice since it was outside. Sunday proved to be a long day with the application of race glide wax. Several of the coaches and I finished the day off by watching the Biathlon World Championships, GO USA and Magdalena Neuner! Monday’s prelims went well in that we qualified seven racers into the heats! Unfortunately for me I was not one of the coaches that qualified into the heats. I was sent back to the house, but I was not too upset since I saw klister coming out for the heats. Plus a hot shower and some rest was needed!

2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals: The Day Before

The afternoon before the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals kicked off at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah, a few regional teams stuck around the venue that hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. On Monday, March 5, junior racers will compete in 1.3 k classic sprints, followed by freestyle mass starts on Wednesday, classic individual starts on Friday and freestyle relays on Saturday.

Race prepping

Today has been a pretty mellow day. We went for a nice ski out on the courses, most of us on classic but a few of us on skate skis. The kick was nice and we got to talk to a few people from other divisions. Afterward, we went back to the main house for lunch and waxing. We are all very tired and haven’t done much today after lunch. Most of us have sat around watching television and sleeping. I’m probably going back to sleep after dinner. Tomorrow should be a good race with the OJ men starting at 9, before the J1 guys, then J2 men, J2 girls, and then J1/OJ women.

Tea Tree

Yesterday we arrived in Salt Lake and went to the opening Ceremonies. We went to the Houses and went to sleep. Today we went skiing and then we came back to the houses and had very very good sloppy joe’s. Then I took a shower and found Tea Tree shampoo witch was amazing and made my shower 11 times better. I really the way it tingles your scalp and chills your head.

The Arrival

We made it to Solider Hollow and are ready to rock the race courses! Today the team went on an easy ski with some intervals and previewed the sprint course. The classic sprint is tomorrow and we are all excited. The course is difficult with some short, steep up hills and some speedy down hills. Almost all of us raced this course in January for the Super JOQ so we know it well. However, any venue seems completely different when 500 of the US’s best juniors are there. I can sense some pre-race nerves from myself and everyone else. I know that this just means we all care and want to do well. This isn’t easy competition by any means, but by racing here, we are only making ourselves faster. FAR WEST FAR BEST!!