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One week later…………

I just woke up and I’m staring at my ceiling and remembering that at his time just 7 days ago I was racing in the biggest classic race of my life. I think only after the moment do you truly realize how big of an event that was. Or how exhilarating it was during that race, just all of the excitement, the fear, the nerves, rush as the starter said “Any time in five, four, three, two, one”, and the relief of crossing the finish line. I guess this is a funny how your opinion can change so fast, or it can stay the same, if you asked me right after the race “Would you do it again? ” I would of said “Yes, of course.”, and now if you asked me I would say ” In a heartbeat, bring it on.”.
When I first got to JN’s I thought okay I’m going to be so tired after this week, but after each day I felt like i was getting stronger, more experienced. I was running with the bigs boys. No, I wasn’t running with them, I was ONE of the bigs boys now. I never dreamed of getting to this point, Junior Nationals. Such an important name, but I don’t think you realize the meaning until you get there, race in it, and just being there. It’s not just the races that make it Junior Nationals, its the trip you take getting there.The JOQ’s, all the training, the hours spent preparing and packing.
I miss my team, with all of their definitely un-normal attitudes, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. All of my team mates are awesome! They are the coolest people I now. You don’t have to fell awkward around them, you can just be yourself. you see such a new side of people when you spend 9 days with them.
My coaches also open up a lot more also, they tell jokes, watch movies, and laugh with us and I bet you if a random person walked into one of our houses they would jut think were a big happy family. And in a way we ARE on big happy family, we ate together, we laugh together, pull pranks, and just have fun. The coaches would interact with us a lot more than other trips because they had a lot more down time. Playing pool with Ambrose and Ben was awesome!
Thank you to all of our coaches:
Ben, Nancy, Joel, Jeff, Martin, Ambrose, Glenn, Alana, Mary Ellen, and Kara!!!
Thank you also to our caters:
David and Lynda!!!