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Last Day

So the shaving cream adventure didn’t go super well yesterday. The idea was to put shaving cream all over the door handles and write more stuff on the van with it too. I had just done the main door when three or four of the really big PNSA kids came tearing around the front of the van. I haven’t run as fast as I did in a long time. I got away, but one of them ran straight into Glenn’s parked truck. I heard the clunk but I wasn’t willing to turn around and look.

Today, the team relay went very well. I was on a team with Dylan as the starter, me second, and Peter H. as the anchor. The transition was pretty hectic. Dylan was coming in to tag me, but he was in a big group. Also, there was this one New England kid who kept trying to get between me and Dylan. I finally got around him, but I didn’t see Dylan till he was ten feet away from me. I started double-poling, but after on e pole plant someone cut me off at a 90 degree angle. All I saw was his ski tips and I just ran them over. Dylan finally managed to tag me and I went out. Because of the whole mess in the transition, I got out in 2nd place. However, I was quickly caught. I lost a few places, but not very much time. Peter was able to make up the distance for a 5th place finish. As it turns out, August and Ben had a bet on which relay team got a higher place’ August was betting on myself, Dylan, and Peter while Ben was betting on Katrin, Annika, and Joanne. The prize for this bet was a case of beer. Both of our teams got 5th today, so I’m not sure what happens now.

Junior Nationals have been really good for all of us this year and I am very pleased with my performances. Huge thanks to…

Jeff Ben Joel Ambrose Martin Glenn Alana Kara Mary Ellen Nancy All race staff and volunteers