Down Time

The past two days have been full of non-productivity when not on snow. Brandon H. and Evan are completely addicted to reality television. They have watched at least 9 total hours (seriously no exaggeration) of Storage Wars, Hoarders, Strange Addictions, and all sorts of other crap. Upstairs in the J1/OJ house, people are watching endless Disney Channel movies and shows. On the other hand, Peter C. and I make far better use of our time: Blackhawk Down and 3:10 to ‘Yuma. Today however we made fairly good use of our time. Myself and several others got up an hour early to ski earlier before going up to Utah Olympic Park, the site of the jumping hills, luge, skeleton, and bobsled courses, and the museum. We got to see a few of the Junior National nordic-combined athletes go off of the 64 meter hill before going to the top of the 128 meter hill and the ice courses. We even got to see a few skeleton competitors rip down the track. We then came back to the main house to eat and wax. How can it take 30 people over four hours to wax one pair of skis each with six different profiles?!?!?!. It took me 15 minutes…

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  1. egramma on 07/03/2012 #

    Love to read your comments. Hope all is continuing to go well. Your Aunt Marci introduced me to “Big Bang Theory”, a half hour comedy on TBS. It’s about several nerdy, young scientists living together. It takes a quirky sense of humor to appreciate it. Therefore you will probably laugh just as I did. Try it…’ll like it!
    Keep on writing. I’ll keep on reading.
    xoxoxoox Gram

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