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Sam Zabell

SOHO-skate-finishAge: 14
Hometown: Truckee CA
School: Sugar Bowl Academy
Team: Far West
Age first skied: 1.5
Favorite Book: The Pearl
Favorite Nordic Athlete: Kikkan Randall
Favorite Off Snow Sport: Road Biking
Favorite Athlete in that sport: Andy Schleck
Most Memorable Far West Experience:
My favorite experience as a member of Far West was at the 2011 Minneapolis Junior Nationals in the hotel before the dance. We had just had our team meeting in a room off of the main atrium/lobby where the dance would be held. As the other teams filed into the ballroom where the dance would be, we unleashed our cheer of “FAR WEST FAR BEST”. We managed to turn a few heads and show our dedication and team spirit to the other divisions.
Best Racing Experience:
My best racing experiences were at the 2012 Soldier Hollow super JOQ. I think that these were some of my best races of the year and that I learned a lot about what I need to do to race as best as I can, specifically warm-ups. It also showed me what the rest of the J2 field was doing in races and how it worked for them.
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
My super-power would be to read people’s thoughts. By having this power, I could know everything about a person including their opinions about themselves and other people. Also, it would be really fun to finish everyone’s sentences for them.
What is something most people can do that you cannot?
One of my abilities that I do not believe others have is my focus and drive to succeed. While on trips, I often feel crushed with homework, but I find ways to invent time to do it all and do it well. Also, being smaller than most of the other athletes in my age class, I believe that I have had to work harder than other athletes to get to the same places athletically. I think that without my determination to succeed and push to work harder, I would not be able to compete with the people that I do.