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Post Tea Tree

It will be hard to follow Peter Holmes’ posting “Tea Tree”, but I will give it a shot. Raylene and I arrived by airplane on Friday in Salt Lake City. We were met by Glenn and Martin who gave us a ride to Heber City. We stayed the night at the Holiday Inn Express where Team Alaska was staying for the week of competition. We got the day started early so that we could test wax and set up the wax trailer. Setting up the wax trailer proved to be a lot of work but worth the effort. Everything has it’s place and we are able to find everything without a problem. We met the team at the opening ceremony which was entertaining and short, which was nice since it was outside. Sunday proved to be a long day with the application of race glide wax. Several of the coaches and I finished the day off by watching the Biathlon World Championships, GO USA and Magdalena Neuner! Monday’s prelims went well in that we qualified seven racers into the heats! Unfortunately for me I was not one of the coaches that qualified into the heats. I was sent back to the house, but I was not too upset since I saw klister coming out for the heats. Plus a hot shower and some rest was needed!

2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals: The Day Before

The afternoon before the 2012 Cross Country Junior Nationals kicked off at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah, a few regional teams stuck around the venue that hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. On Monday, March 5, junior racers will compete in 1.3 k classic sprints, followed by freestyle mass starts on Wednesday, classic individual starts on Friday and freestyle relays on Saturday.

Race prepping

Today has been a pretty mellow day. We went for a nice ski out on the courses, most of us on classic but a few of us on skate skis. The kick was nice and we got to talk to a few people from other divisions. Afterward, we went back to the main house for lunch and waxing. We are all very tired and haven’t done much today after lunch. Most of us have sat around watching television and sleeping. I’m probably going back to sleep after dinner. Tomorrow should be a good race with the OJ men starting at 9, before the J1 guys, then J2 men, J2 girls, and then J1/OJ women.

Tea Tree

Yesterday we arrived in Salt Lake and went to the opening Ceremonies. We went to the Houses and went to sleep. Today we went skiing and then we came back to the houses and had very very good sloppy joe’s. Then I took a shower and found Tea Tree shampoo witch was amazing and made my shower 11 times better. I really the way it tingles your scalp and chills your head.

The Arrival

We made it to Solider Hollow and are ready to rock the race courses! Today the team went on an easy ski with some intervals and previewed the sprint course. The classic sprint is tomorrow and we are all excited. The course is difficult with some short, steep up hills and some speedy down hills. Almost all of us raced this course in January for the Super JOQ so we know it well. However, any venue seems completely different when 500 of the US’s best juniors are there. I can sense some pre-race nerves from myself and everyone else. I know that this just means we all care and want to do well. This isn’t easy competition by any means, but by racing here, we are only making ourselves faster. FAR WEST FAR BEST!!


Spazzing Internet in Bozeman- big surprise, so I’m doing it on my phone which has an interesting idea of when to post, my apologies for repeats.

Montana is hitting 50 degrees today and it is HOT HOT HOT. As a past and current Far West skier and current CU Buffalo, I am posting before I join the team in Soldier Hollow.

The Montana course hasn’t changed much in the four years I’ve skied here, and I heard from my mom it has changed much in twenty years. Same sideways, off kilter hill with brutal herringbone hills and 180 degree turns.

With some intervals today, we started our week hard, hoping to defend our national title against Utah, which will be difficult.

Wishing my teammates good luck tomorrow on the sprint course- DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT.

Riding the Montana Hills

NCAAs is kicking off and will run to completion before I join the Junior National team in Soldier Hollow for the relay.


I’m sitting here in my house, looking back on the years. Starting Nordic in 7th grade, doing okay not really caring where I placed, to 8th grade where I finished 4th in my second race. I didn’t know about nordic racing or Junior Nationals or Far West. I had the teenager disease, I thought that the nordic world was just me and my team, duh. I raced through the year and was always wondering how Sam Zabell always won. Then I heard about Sugar Bowl Academy, and though “Wow that would be really cool to go there” and then discarded the thought. I never thought that I would end up here, going to Sugar Bowl, joining Far West, qualifying for the JNs, and now I am here, GOING TO JNS. Look out the rest of the nordic world. We’re coming…….FAR WEST, FAR BEST!!!!!!!

One More Day…

To start off with, this new website is looking really awesome!! It seems that I have absolutely no excuses this year for not blogging. I have a two week spring break which will include JN’s and was astounded to hear today that I have absolutely no homework assigned. This leaves me with no other choice than to catch up on my reading and BLOG, daily.

For me at least, this is the time of year that I start to feel placid. The training part of the year is over, now it’s time to perform. My body is itching to race after tapering for the past week. I have to keep telling myself to calm the heck down! Going into my fourth year at JN’s, I realize that the anticipation factor will never go away.

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were packing up for Minneapolis. To my surprise, it’s already a new year and a new set of faces. For many, this will be their first year at JN’s. I can already tell that everyone is putting on a very serious face going into this trip; they realize that this is a big step up. As I’ve always said, nothing can prepare you for JN’s like going to JN’s. Thus, I’m excited for a new group of teenagers to go and experience what I felt in my first year at JN’s.

With that, it seems that I must begin my absolute least favorite part of the trip, packing. Can my bag pack itself?? We depart at 7 a.m. tomorrow for the always scenic drive through Nevada. Once there, we will head straight to the opening ceremonies. I am definitely looking forward to what this one will bring as each opening ceremony has had a very unique touch. Here we come Soldier Hollow!!! Far West Far Best!

All of our work culminates

I’m sitting in study hall the day before we depart for Junior Nationals in Soldier Hollow. I am surrounded by my friends, both alpine and nordic. The signs of impending national racing is obvious. In the corner, a pair of freshly hotboxed classic skis awaits packing; there are several bags of gear belonging to alpine racers, trying to cram in a last training session before they leave for their own races. All of us have worked extremely hard. Not just on snow this winter (rollerskiing for nordics!), not just in conditioning sessions in the fall, but in many winters previous as well. All of our hundreds, possibly thousands of hours of training have paid off in the past and helped to show the correct road to where we want to get to. We have all prevailed in the past and we have all come up short at some times, but each and every experience has helped us to move forward. The reason we can do what we can do is because we can build off of our experiences and continue onward to be better than we were in the beginning. We all possess and powerful drive to be the best that we can be and we always strive to be better than we are now. For some of us, this will be their first Junior Nationals. For others, it will be their last Junior Nationals. As a team, we will prevail and show the other divisions that we are a powerful, motivated, and united team of elite racers. All that is left to say is this:

Just Do It