Brandon Herhusky

P1000507Age: 13

Hometown Brockway, Ca

School: Incline Middle School

Team: Auburn Ski Club

Age first skied: 3

Favorite Book: Toodles

Favorite Nordic Athlete: Therese Johaug

Favorite Off Snow Sport: mountain biking

Favorite Athlete in that sport: Todd Wells

Most Memorable Far West Experience:
My most memorable moment was going to a strength workout over the summer, and seeing Jeff slam the back of the van into a dumpster.

Best Racing Experience:
My best racing experience was at the Super JOQ in SoHo —getting on the podium both days was awesome.

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
The super power I would most want would be, being able to touch my toes because to me that is a super power.

What is something most people can do that you cannot?
Most people can clean their room which I seem to be incapable of doing, I think my parents wish I had learned this skill more than I want it. Another skill I never really picked up on is putting my hands out when I fall— I do wish to one day master this skill.


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  1. Anne Karin Atwood on 06/03/2012 #

    Wishing you a good luck with your first Junior Nationals! Cody said “Go North Tahoe” boys!

    • Nana on 07/03/2012 #

      Brandon……Sorry…..I think that not putting your hands out is inherited from the Fitzpatrick side. Have fun this week. I am spending all my good wishes to you and the Far West Team. Looks like a great group. Love you, Nana

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