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Looking Back

For the week following JN’s, I’ve been in Hawaii. I don’t think that I’m missing out on this rain/snow.
Hawaii is great. Its been sunny, warm, and lying on the beach make for perfect rest after a long week of racing. I’m in paradise, but I catch myself thinking about JN’s, and almost wishing I was back in Utah.
It was my first year on the Junior National team, and it was an incredible experience. I think that I was super lucky to have it be in a place that I had raced before, so it wasn’t to scary and brand new. I have to admit, that first day going into the stadium was nerve-wracking. There were so many people, and I remember thinking, ” What am I doing here?!?” It turned out fine though. The whole team was really supportive of everyone, and i think that that calmed my nerves a lot.
There have been a lot of funny stories to tell. I will never forget driving home from a girls trip to Park City and seeing Alex almost throwing up on the side of the road because he had to drink a V8. Laurel did very well with her bet and drank an entire Mountain Dew . The J2 boys sabotaged the PNSA van, and we had an ongoing rivalry all week.
It really was the coolest experience getting to ski with the top people in the country. i’m really excited for next year. Fairbanks here we come! FAR WEST FAR BEST!