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Dear Peter,

I just Wanted to inform you your last post was very subpar. You aid that we arrived in Salt Lake, but actually we are in Park City. Also You spelled WICH like the one that melt if you put her in a jacuzzi. also you were very unthorough in every thing you talked about. When you talked about skiing you said “today we went skiing…” and that’s all. You could mention how the ski was or some words of wisdom from Ambrose. Overall, it sounded like a very intelligent child wrote it, However; I really enjoyed it and thought it was pretty good. I think you just need to hear the truth.

The sprint were really fun and enjoyable. The snow was very nice in the morning and then it became very slow in the afternoon. We came back to the house and almost everyone took a cold shower because i ran the jacuzzi and it wasted all the water, but my jacuzzi was not even warm. We then headed over to the food house and ate dinner, wich was very good. then we watched some biathlon and that was crazy. As the night went on we mosied our way back to the house and went to sleep

Tea Tree

Yesterday we arrived in Salt Lake and went to the opening Ceremonies. We went to the Houses and went to sleep. Today we went skiing and then we came back to the houses and had very very good sloppy joe’s. Then I took a shower and found Tea Tree shampoo witch was amazing and made my shower 11 times better. I really the way it tingles your scalp and chills your head.