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Well here I am sitting in math class missing the racing and the environment of Nationals, wishing the clock would just tick a bit faster so I could go skiing. awww the heart wrenching life of a high school student… Naw things are pretty good, we have been doing quite a bit of reminiscing about last week. After the final race a few of the teams hung out in the stadium playing football or Frisbee but the Alaskan team decided to take their team photos, this proved to be a bit of a bad idea for the continental US attacked!!!! We had the higher ground and they were huddled together for their photos, sitting ducks. A few of the different teams got organized and began to rain an endless hail of snow upon the Alaskans. They returned fire and the great Snowball Fight of JOs past had officially quelled up once more. The first fight ended (for picture purposes) and then Alaska flanked we held them off but we were unorganized and there were no more sides! I took one to the face and delivered another, the kid’s sunglasses flew off, as another picked them up for him he too was hit, it was messy. We quickly reassembled as the Football game came crashing into the middle of the firefight and broke us apart once more, around here Alaska must have gone home, yet the smell of war still lingered. We began to attack the Mid-A team, due to a random war cry from a member of what I assume was our team, but soon the rest of PNSA marched in for battle and we were fighting once again on two fronts. The unorganized PNSAers were firing upon their own. Soon this battle too died off, all teams came together for the final end all be all of Snowball Fight 2012. It was whomever was around VS. the football players. This was a brutal fight. We fired the first shots but the Football team was quick to react and the fight soon escalated to an all out war. The football team charged, the Junior Alliance (the non-footballers) began to retreat, I urged them to hold their ground yet me and only a few others did, we were pinned down and soon we too retreated. We rallied the troops one more time and went for an all out Blitz. Just as the battle ensued Katrin has a brilliant idea, now was the time for a counter attack on PNSA’s flag. We quietly snuck off as Alec provided a bit more distraction. Katrin quickly climbed PNSA’s wax room roof and began removing the flag from its pole. She got it undone and threw it to me, as I took off running towards the parking lot. PNSA was quickly on my tail Peter Holmes did what he could to hold them off but soon they broke off after me. The first one after me had been a casualty of the last war his nos was bleeding and it added to my fear of being caught. I had no where to go I was running circles around them and they soon caught me I held on my teammates came to assist but PNSA had more man power. After ten minutes of tug-a-war I declared it A Draw. We all shook hands laughed and walked away swearing that next year one team must stand out alone as the winner.