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Nothing Normal About It

IMG_0198“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well” – Alfred Adler. It wouldn’t surprise me if Adler were a skier because my experience on the Far West team and with the athletes and coaches has shown me that everything about it is far from normal.
One night, three of us girls sat down to watch Bridesmaids. It was quite the comedy. I always enjoy watching movies with some of the younger athletes because it seems like they still haven’t realized that the TV can’t hear them when they talk to it. (Even more hysterical was during the Super JNQ when Danielle was standing on top of the couch ready to throw a few punches during one of the fight scenes in The Eagle.) Sitting in a room and watching TV with these kids makes everything seem so normal… but it’s ironically so far from it.
Someone who dedicates him or herself to qualifying for Junior Nationals already sacrifices hours upon hours into the sport itself, even imagining that they have lives outside of skiing could almost seem like too much to ask. And yet, EVERYONE does. A few of the athletes have some impressive musical talents, while some have some impressive dance skills, others have outstanding academics and some even have personalities that are so happy and infectious that its hard to keep from smiling when you’re around them. So, if this pretzel of a mind twister could get anymore confusing, lets just include the fact that being normal teenagers AND Junior National athletes only makes everything that much less normal.
The nice thing is that it’s hard to love someone or something that is normal. We love things because they have value. The things that we value are always unique, special and beyond normal. So of course, naturally I have to do the only normal thing in this whole situation; I end up loving the team that I am on because of the fact that it is so far from normal. FAR WEST FAR BEST!