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Post Tea Tree

It will be hard to follow Peter Holmes’ posting “Tea Tree”, but I will give it a shot. Raylene and I arrived by airplane on Friday in Salt Lake City. We were met by Glenn and Martin who gave us a ride to Heber City. We stayed the night at the Holiday Inn Express where Team Alaska was staying for the week of competition. We got the day started early so that we could test wax and set up the wax trailer. Setting up the wax trailer proved to be a lot of work but worth the effort. Everything has it’s place and we are able to find everything without a problem. We met the team at the opening ceremony which was entertaining and short, which was nice since it was outside. Sunday proved to be a long day with the application of race glide wax. Several of the coaches and I finished the day off by watching the Biathlon World Championships, GO USA and Magdalena Neuner! Monday’s prelims went well in that we qualified seven racers into the heats! Unfortunately for me I was not one of the coaches that qualified into the heats. I was sent back to the house, but I was not too upset since I saw klister coming out for the heats. Plus a hot shower and some rest was needed!